Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jennifer's Body (2009)

This was a strange choice for Diablo Cody's follow up to her Oscar winning screenplay of "Juno".  I was curious to see it because I loved her writing in "Juno", but the trailers made this film look terrible.  That was a good representation.  It was a bad film.

Frankly, I don't get what all the fuss is about Megan Fox.  She's pretty, but nothing special.  She looks more like a cheap porn star than a movie star and her acting is on the same level as a porn star.  She is terrible in everything I have seen her in.  It almost seems like this film was made specifically for her to show off how slutty she can get.  

Amanda Seyfried was the best thing about the movie.  She was good and I liked how her character totally changed by the end of the film.

I'm sorry to say that Diablo Cody's script was a bad one.  While I didn't mind the dialogue in "Juno", I couldn't stand it here.  It has the same type of speech that Kevin Williamson used to write for his characters in "Dawson's Creek".  It didn't bug me back then, maybe because I was younger, but now it irritates the hell out of me.  

"Jennifer's Body" was a dumb movie.  It seems like it was trying to bring back the style of horror "Scream" made popular in the 1990s.  Something is missing for it to work though.  There just wasn't anything special about it.


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