Friday, January 29, 2010

Gracie's Choice (2004)

Why am I reviewing a Lifetime movie, you may ask?  Why did I watch a Lifetime movie?  Well the answer is plain and simple: Kristen Bell.  I think she is a terrific actress and I am interested in all of her projects.  Also Lifetime movies have an addicting quality.  Even though they are incredibly corny, they are fascinating and hard to stop watching.

"Gracie's Choice" did have that quality of being addicting and very corny.  It kept my interest all the way through, but it wasn't the best Lifetime movie I had ever seen.  

Kristen Bell did a very good job playing a teenager who has to fight her mother for custody of her brothers.  Anne Heche played her crackhead mother and she did a great job.  She really seemed to embody what a druggie's life is like.

"Gracie's Choice" is an interesting movie that will pass the time on a rainy day.  I wouldn't say you should go out and rent it as soon as possible, but if you get the chance to see it, maybe you will enjoy it.  The film screams "Lifetime", which isn't always a bad thing.


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