Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Final Destination (2009)

"The Final Destination" not to be confused with "Final Destination" was released in 3-D this past year.  I ended up watching it on DVD in 2-D.

The 3-D effects seem fun for a movie like this, as long as those damn glasses don't give the viewer a head ache.  But this is the type of 3-D that the medium is meant for.  There are many scenes of things flying towards the camera including tires, snakes, and fire.  

The story of "The Final Destination" is unoriginal.  Every single sequel is the same film as the original.  Someone has a vision, they evade the accident, they all die.  Nothing too new.

The effects were terrible in the film, but what can you really expect from this.  It is almost like a live action "Looney Tunes". 

The main character and his girlfriend were OK.  The supporting characters were bland.  The douche surfer dude and the racist hick were very annoying.  I guess you have to have a good annoying character in these films because when they die, the audience gets very excited.  

"The Final Destination" is just mindless entertainment.  You go in just to see things blow up and see people get decapitated.  That's pretty much all there is to the film.


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