Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blood Diamond (2006)

"Blood Diamond" is about the state of chaos Africa is in because of the greed of finding and selling diamonds.  Leonardo DiCaprio plays a man who finds these diamonds and sells them illegally to his buyers.  Djimon Hounsou is a man who has been enslaved by the African Government to find diamonds.  Hounsou finds the biggest diamond anyone has ever seen.  He buries it near the place he found it and escapes from the Government.  DiCaprio finds out about Hounsou's find and he wants to know where it is hidden.  In exchange, DiCaprio will find Hounsou's family for him and guarantee their safety.  

This movie is excellent.  It is fast paced and very exciting.  The blood diamond issue is a real thing happening in Africa and it is a shame.  It is amazing that people will literally go to war over a rock.  

DiCaprio and Hounsou are perfect in this movie.  Their acting is so convincing.  Hounsou really should have won the Oscar that year, instead of Alan Arkin for "Little Miss Sunshine".  When Hounsou seeks revenge on the person who has brainwashed his son, it is really a marvel to watch.  He is nothing short of amazing.

"Blood Diamond" is a very underrated movie in my opinion.  I don't hear many people talking about it, but it is exciting, interesting, emotional, and a very important film dealing with real life issues.

A-  I recommend it.

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