Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Devil's Rejects (2005)

Sequel to "House of 1000 Corpses".

After a series of murders from a group called The Devil's Rejects, the police make their move on capturing these crazed killers.  The sheriff of the police department has a personal vendetta on capturing these criminals.  They were responsible for the death of his brother.  The main portion of the film follows The Rejects as they are on the run for freedom.

This film is not as good as the original.  The main characters in this movie are mass murderers.  There is no one to connect with and feel sympathy for.  This is a mistake that Rob Zombie always tends to make.  The audience needs a sympathetic hero.  It is not fun to just watch a killing for the heck of it.  The first film had a group of kids to get attached to.  He should have figured a way to do that again.

There is a scene in a motel room where The Rejects torture and murder its occupants.  The scene involves graphic murders and molestation.  I don't mind if a film has these acts in it, but the way Zombie shows it is just tacky and not creative.  Too much is shown and I imagine it makes an audience uncomfortable.  I am sure that is what he wants to achieve, but that type of horror isn't my taste.  

Even though the movie is not the best, it does have a great ending.  The Rejects are driving in their car and are stopped by dozens of police.  They end up having a huge shootout all shot in slow motion.  During this, the song "Freebird" is playing.  It was a nice and imaginative way to end the film.

Rob Zombie still has not proven to me that he is a good filmmaker.  He does have some good ideas, but I feel he goes for shock value way too often and focuses on villains way too much.  Case in point: "The Devil's Rejects".


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