Wednesday, April 15, 2009

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

Sequel to "National Treasure".

"National Treasure: The Book of Secrets" is a fun filled treasure hunt to find the lost City of Gold.  Nicholas Cage is on this wild goose chase for one reason: To prove that his Great Great Grandfather did not have anything to do with the assassination of President Lincoln.  John Wilkes Booth kept a diary and Cage's Great Great Grandfather was listed in the book.  If Cage finds the treasure, then it will be proven that the only reason his Great Great Grandfather was listed was to help Booth find that same treasure.

While the movie is fun, the story is so ridiculous.  It is very hard to believe that Cage would go through all the trouble of breaking into the White House, kidnapping the President, and flying all over the world, to prove that his distant relative was innocent in the murder of Lincoln.

I enjoy the clues given to Cage throughout the film.  It is very interesting how the filmmakers use national landmarks as clues to find the treasure.  Who would have known that there was a City of Gold in Mount Rushmore?

If this film sounds familiar to you, then it is probably because it is almost the same story of "Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".  It is strange when movies that come out around the same time have similar story lines.  I wonder if Spielberg and Lucas were pissed when this film was released...

A lot of people put Cage down for his action films.  I don't think he is that bad.  I can buy him in this role.  I thought he was good.  The supporting actors are better however.  Good performances from Ed Harris, Jon Voight, Helen Mirren, and Diane Kruger.  

"National Treasure: Book of Secrets" is non stop action.  While it is fun to watch, you can learn a little something about the history of the United States too.  I wonder if a secret book kept by each president really does exist...

B-  I recommend it.


  1. Have to admit—was really disappointed with this one (and the first). I love history and love a good action film, but feel that both seemed like they were being made up as they were being filmed. This seems typical of Jerry Bruckheimer's films (The POTC franchise).