Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fanboys (2008)

"Fanboys" is about a group of friends who travel across the country to break into George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch to see a rough cut of "Star Wars: Episode I".  During their journey, they encounter several obstacles with trekies, hookers, pimps, and police.  

I wasn't sure if I would like this movie because I am not a huge fan of "Star Wars", but I ended up really liking it.  It was pretty funny.  It reminded me of the teen comedies from the late 1990s like "Can't Hardly Wait".  

The best thing about the movie were all the cameos throughout the film.  There are cameos from William Shatner, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen, and many more.  Seth Rogen is the best thing about the movie.  He plays the head trekie and he does a great job.  He is hilarious in that role.  He also plays a Star Wars loving pimp.  

The reason I wanted to see the movie was because I am a big fan of Kristen Bell.  I think she is a very good and unique actress and I have liked all of her previous work.  She did a good job in this movie.

The biggest problem with "Fanboys" is the script.  The main characters go through all these situations, but there is no real resolution when the scene is over.  It seems as though the writers planned out an awesome action scene and then got lazy at the end.  They couldn't figure out how to get the kids out of trouble, so they just ended the sequence and cut to the next scene.  It was a bit strange.

"Fanboys" is a good comedy that I think people should see.  If you don't like "Star Wars", don't worry.  You can still enjoy the film.

B  I recommend it.

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