Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Unborn (2009)

A little boy is haunting a young woman named Casey.  She sees him everywhere, including her dreams.  Casey's mother killed herself a few years earlier after going crazy.  Casey believes that the ghost and her mother's death is connected.  After going through her mother's things, Casey finds out that her mother tried to contact a woman at an institution.  Casey visits this woman and she finds out that the little boy is actually a demon that tries to survive in a human body.  The demon goes after twins and he was planning to be born as Casey's twin.  Unfortunately, Casey's twin died at birth.  Casey then has to be exorcised to rid herself of this haunting.

If this description sounds confusing, that is because the movie is confusing itself.  It is difficult to make sense of the whole thing and it requires more effort than I want to put in for an average horror movie.  The demon jumps from body to body and it is hard to really understand why the demon is after Casey when he can just use any body.  

A fun thing about the movie was spotting different character actors.  The film had two actors from one of my favorite television shows "Dexter".  Gary Oldman plays a rabbi and Casey is played by Odette Yustman.  She was in "Cloverfield" and I love that movie.  Yustman isn't a great actress.  She was good in "Cloverfield", but I don't think she has the talent to support an entire movie.  But she is incredibly hot, so that makes up for it.

The film wasn't that scary, but there was one sequence that really had me going.  Casey keeps hearing a knock in her medicine cabinet and every time she opens it, nothing is there.  That is, until one last time...  It really got me.

The best thing about "The Unborn" was the beginning.  Casey is sitting on a couch watching "The Invisible Man".  I would have rather watched that.

"The Unborn" is an average horror movie with good character actors.  It is nothing special.  It is the typical ghost movie.  It is nothing you haven't seen before.


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