Friday, August 21, 2009

Bedtime Stories (2008)

After telling his niece and nephew some bedtime stories, Adam Sandler comes to find that these stories become reality the next day.  

Sandler works at a hotel that his Dad sold long ago.  When Sandler's father sold the hotel, he made a deal that Sandler would run it when he became old enough.  The hotel owner kept his promise by making Sandler the maintenance man.  

In one of Sandler's bedtime stories, he starts to tell a tale that is very similar to the situation he is having in real life.  Since it is a bedtime story, the kids want a happy ending.  The first story ends with the hero getting a shot at running the castle.  The next day, the hotel owner gives Sandler a shot at running the hotel.  

When Sandler realizes that it is the kids that have control to what really happens, he tries to get the kids to create a story that would give him everything he desires.  Instead of being greedy, the kids help Sandler realize what is important in life.

"Bedtime Stories" isn't a bad movie.  It was very enjoyable.  It was fun trying to figure out how exactly the bedtime stories would come to life.  It was a very creative story.

Sandler did an OK job.  He was funny at times and Keri Russell is good as his love interest.  My biggest problem were the kids.  Their dialogue was very poorly done.  It didn't really seem like the screenwriters knew how kids act.  The kids are about 6 years old, but at times they act like their 3.  It was very strange.

The final scene where Sandler has to stop Guy Pearce from blowing up an elementary school was actually very exciting.  Pearce is going to blow up the school to start construction on a new hotel.  Sandler steals a motorcycle and with Russell on back, they drive as fast as they can to stop him.  Sandler avoids crashes, jumps over a train, and exhibits death defying stunts.  It was totally unbelievable, but it was still rather exciting.  It was also neat that during this race, the film would sometimes cut to Sandler and Russell on a horse instead, like in the bedtime story.  It was a fun way to parallel the two different worlds.

The best part of the movie: Adam Sandler's cellphone ring.  I couldn't stop laughing!

"Bedtime Stories" is a good movie to watch, especially with kids.  It has its problems, but to a kid, it is the perfect movie.

B  I recommend it.

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