Saturday, August 29, 2009

Futureworld (1976)

Sequel to "Westworld".

Three years after the incident at Westworld, an all new world  at Delos has opened.  That world is Futureworld.  Guests can now come to an all new resort which gives you an option of Futureworld, Romanworld, or Medievalworld.  

Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner play reporters who visit Futureworld to do a report.  Fonda is positive that something fishy is going on and he does some research.  He eventually finds out that the company is not only creating robots, but they are creating human clones of their guests!  The clones are made to kill the original human versions and take their place in the real world.  Eventually the entire world will be in control of Delos.

The story sounds good, but the film was just plain bad.  It was very boring.  Most of the film was just Peter Fonda sneaking around.  The entire film was just bland.

The thing I was waiting for in this film was the return of Yul Brynner as the Gunslinger.  Unfortunately, he is only in one scene.  That scene is a terrible dream sequence from Blythe Danner.  She is dreaming of having a romantic evening with the Gunslinger.  Now Danner's character has never met the Gunslinger and she knows nothing about him.  So why would she be dreaming of him?  The entire thing does not make sense.  It is embarrassing.  

Fonda ends up running into a maintenance man who helps him find out the truth about Delos.  The maintenance man has a robot whose face is missing.  The robot is his only friend.  Now I thought the twist was that his robot was going to be the Gunslinger.  Unfortunately, this was not true.  It was a missed opportunity.  

"Futureworld" is not even close to being as thrilling as "Westworld" was.  Yul Brynner made "Westworld" and without him in a starring role, "Futureworld" does not work.


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