Monday, August 17, 2009

Tango & Cash (1989)

Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell play two of the best cops in Los Angeles.  A high profile criminal wants to get rid of them so he can commit his crimes without being caught.  He finds a way to frame both of them for murder.  Stallone and Russell then work together to escape from jail and prove to the public that they are innocent.

"Tango & Cash" is a ridiculous movie.  It is fun to watch, but it is so dumb.  The acting by Stallone and Russell is not very good.  I don't like seeing Stallone in these types of roles.  I don't think he pulls off sophisticated characters well.  He needs to be a man of the streets type person.  The dialogue is terrible and extremely corny.  It is bad pun after bad pun.  So much of it was painful.

The action scenes were pretty good, however.  The climactic battle involving explosions and a prototype SUV is quite exciting.  

I like the inside joke in the beginning of the film when a cop says of Stallone "What?  Do you think you're Rambo?"  Stallone replies saying "Rambo is a pussy."  Stallone of course played Rambo.

"Tango & Cash" is a fun movie to watch, just to make fun of.  There is nothing to about it to get your brain working.  It is just mindless fun.


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