Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stanley (1972)

Tim is a Native American who has just returned from the Vietnam War.  He is living in seclusion in the Florida everglades.  His only friends are the snakes that he collects.  His best friend is Stanley the snake.  When Tim finds out that people are capturing snakes and killing them for their skin, he goes mad.  He ends up using Stanley to kill these people.

"Stanley" is a ridiculous movie.  The most ridiculous scene involves a 60 year old stripper who Tim is friends with.  The stripper has a new act that Tim does not know about.  The act involves the stripper biting the head off of a snake.  After seeing this, Tim goes mad.  He breaks into the club after hours where the stripper and her boyfriend are sleeping.  He throws a bunch of snakes on them, resulting in their deaths.  So stupid.

Not only was this a ridiculous story, but it was unbelievably boring.  It was 2 hours long and the first hour is unwatchable.  Honestly, I had to fast forward through a little of it.

The acting in the film is horrible.  I can't believe how bad some of the actors were.  It seems impossible to be that bad.  

When Tim uses Stanley to do his murdering for him, it does get more entertaining.  There is one scene where a man jumps in a pool of snakes that is pretty funny.  The ending of the film also held my interest.  The movie really should have started an hour in.  I would have given it a higher rating then.  


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