Sunday, June 21, 2009

Everything is Terrible: The Movie (2009)

"Everything is Terrible: The Movie" is a feature length version of what is featured at

The movie is just 90 minutes worth of funny clips and scenes found on the internet from old tv shows, movies, commercials, and infomercials.  

There is a lot of funny stuff in the movie, but it was very difficult to sit through.  It is hard to sit through 90 minutes of things you would watch on  This type of thing simply doesn't work as a feature.

One other problem was the editing.  Instead of just showing full clips, the filmmakers decided to edit them all together MTV style.  I guess they did this to keep the attention of the audience for the full 90 minutes, but I think that hurt it overall.

This type of movie is fun to watch at home on the internet, but only in small portions.  As a feature length film in the theater, it gets tired fast.


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