Monday, June 15, 2009

Rocky II (1979)

Sequel to "Rocky"

"Rocky II" takes place right where the first "Rocky" left off.  Even though Apollo won the fight, he feels he did not beat Rocky.  The world thinks Apollo faked the fight and let Rocky look better than he really was.  Apollo demands a rematch to prove that he is the true champion.

Rocky has retired from boxing and he is trying to live life as a "regular" person.  He wants a desk job, but no one will hire him due to his lack of education and "colorful" history.  He ends up taking manual labor work at the Meat Factory.  After he is laid off, he takes the challenge from Apollo, despite Adrian telling him not to.  Adrian and Rocky are now married and Adrian is pregnant.  After complications from the birth of their son, Adrian is in a coma.  Rocky stops training and focuses all of his energy on being with Adrian.  After a stressful few days, Adrian comes back and tells Rocky that she has one request: Win!  Rocky now has motivation.  He trains his heart out for the biggest rematch in motion picture history!

"Rocky II" is a very good sequel.  It is the best of all the sequels.  This film is directed by Stallone himself.  He does a very good job.  His acting and writing is again remarkable.  The comedic touches Stallone puts in this film really works well.  Also, during the scenes of Adrian in her coma, it is very emotional.  There is a great scene of Rocky and Mickey in a church.  Mickey tells Rocky to fight Apollo and prove to the whole world that the fight was not some sort of freak the first time out.  Mickey then says that he understands if he does not want to fight, but no matter what, he will always be by Rocky's side.

There are two great training montages in this film.  The "Gonna Fly Now" montage is very good in this film.  Rocky runs up the steps again, but this time, hundreds of kids are following his lead.  It may be a bit unrealistic to have so many kids, but it is a very fun scene to watch.

The fight in this film is great.  It might be even more exciting than the original fight.  At the end of the fight, Apollo and Rocky fall, crashing to the floor.  Whoever stands up will win the fight.  You really feel like yelling at the screen: "Get up Rocky!!!!".  It is so good.  

The music by Bill Conti is again great.  It is a different style of music than the original.  It sounds more like 1970s disco music.  I really like it.  

Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed is especially good in "Rocky II".  He is angry and he wants Rocky to pay for showing him up a year earlier.  Weathers is a menacing force for Stallone to face.  Weathers was perfect casting.

"Rocky II" all around is a great movie.  It is emotional, humorous, and thrilling.  It is a great addition to the story of Rocky.  

B+  I recommend it.

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