Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Goofy Movie (1995)

I heard good things from my friends about "A Goofy Movie".  I must admit that I was suspicious of whether it was really worth watching.  It is in fact very good.

Goofy's son Max is the usual teenager who is embarrassed of his father, has trouble talking to girls, and does things to impress his friends.  After getting in trouble at school, Goofy decides to take Max fishing to keep him away from this life of trouble.  During their trip Goofy wants to establish a new connection with Max.  This happens to be the same day that Max actually has a date with the girl of his dreams.  During their trip, Max changes the directions on the map so they can go to a concert instead of fishing.  He does this so he can impress the girl he likes.

The relationship between Goofy and Max is actually very real and emotional.  Max is embarrassed of his father, which many children relate to.  The most emotional scene for me is when Goofy finds out that Max has changed the directions on the map.  Goofy is truly disappointed and sad.  I really felt bad for him.

I think my favorite sequence is when Goofy and Max run into Bigfoot.  Bigfoot is very funny and he is scary at times.  I liked that character a lot.  I want an action figure of him!

The only problem with the movie for me was the Pauly Shore character.  Again he ruins everything by just being the idiot that he is.  I can't stand him at all.

Overall, this is a very good father/son movie.  Goofy and Max reconciling their relationship is a long journey, but one that is full of fun and an array of different emotions.

B  I recommend it.

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