Monday, June 22, 2009

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" is the story of archeologist Indiana Jones.  He is on a quest to find the lost ark of the covenant and prevent it from getting into the hands of nazis.  Hitler has an interest in the occult and the lost ark is what he desires.  With the help from his girl Marion and friend Sallah, Indy must find the ark.

I saw "Raiders" in the theater tonight and it was amazing.  It is great on the big screen.  The best thing about seeing it in a theater is the sound.  The sound is still just as good as anything that comes out today.  It was incredible.  Hearing the music blasting with a big crowd is quite the thrill.

The effects still hold up today as well.  When ghostly spirits and fire come out of the ark, it looks very realistic.  Maybe the effect of the nazi's faces melting is dated, but it still works in a weird sort of way.

The music is incredible in "Raiders".  John Williams did the score and this is one of his best.  The Map Room scene has the most wonderful score.  If there is an example of music being perfectly scored for a scene, I would say it is the Map Room scene.  When the camera is focused on the Staff of Ra and pans down to show Indy's reaction of the map room, it is breathtaking.  The music keeps you in suspense and you get the same feeling that Indy would have at that same moment.  Of course everyone knows the Indy theme and it still is one of the best.  People will always know that music till the end of time.

The action scenes in "Raiders" hold up today as well.  The opening scene of the film is still one of the best sequences in film history.  You really feel that Indy is in danger when the giant ball is chasing him.  One action scene that was really fun to see in the theater was the whole truck chase.  The audience really seemed to be into it.  When Indy is thrown out of the truck, climbs under the car and back in again, it is so exciting.  You want to cheer out loud.

The acting is also very well done in "Raiders".  Harrison Ford is perfect as Indy.  He is one of the best heroes of cinema.  Karen Allen as Marion is also excellent.  John Rhys-Davies steals every scene that he is in as Sallah.  He has some of the best lines of the picture.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" really is one of the best, if not the best action film of all time.  Spielberg does an amazing job directing this.  His creativity and coverage of action is top notch.  Everyone should see this.

A  I recommend it.

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