Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tales of Terror (1962)

"Tales of Terror" is a very good horror compilation film directed by Roger Corman.  

The first story is based off of Edgar Allan Poe's Morella.  This is a good creepy little story and Vincent Price is very good in it.  When you see the body of Price's wife on the bed, it is a real fright.  It has a good ending too.

The second story is based off of Poe's "The Black Cat".  This one stars Vincent Price with Peter Lorre.  There is a good amount of comedy in this one.  Price is very funny, especially when showing off his wine tasting skills.  This story has a nice creepy ending of Loree being haunted by Price and his wife (who Price was having an affair with.) 

The third story is based off of Poe's "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar".  Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone star in this one.  This one is quite scary, especially when Price comes back to life to get revenge of Rathbone.  Rathbone was keeping Price's mind alive and not letting him cross over.  When Price comes to life and attacks Rathbone, his body melts away.  I used to call him the milkshake man when I was a kid because of the melting effect.

"Tales of Terror" is a fun time.  It might not be the best made film, but it does a good job combing scares with laughs.

B  I recommend it.

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