Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

What was the point in making this remake? I don't understand why remakes are made when it is basically the exact same story and the changes that are made, make the story that much worse.

This time, like with so many other horror remakes, we get more of a back story of our villain. We see that Freddy was a pedophile in his previous mortal life. The original "Nightmare" hinted at this. We understood that Freddy had a thing for children, but they didn't make it so obvious. It just seems like filmmakers today have no idea how to be subtile.

Jackie Earle Haley plays Freddy Krueger in this remake. Haley is a good actor, but let's face it: He isn't Freddy. Robert Englund was and always will be Freddy. This version tries to make Freddy a more serious and frightening presence, but it doesn't work. The humor that Englund put into his Freddy is what made him scary. A perfect example is when Englund's Freddy cuts off his own fingers just to freak his victim out. That's what Freddy is all about.

Another problem with the remake is the overall atmosphere of the picture. In the original, it really felt like we were inside of a nightmare. I felt the filmmakers didn't really have Freddy use the opportunity of being in control of his dream world. The only thing that I thought was interesting was when a person would be awake for hours on end, they would be so tired that they would go in and out of the dream world. I thought that was a nice change that was effectively done.

My biggest problem with the remake were the main characters, especially that of Nancy. Nancy in the original was a strong female character that we liked and rooted for. This time, Nancy is a depressing, young, emo type girl. There was nothing likable about her character and I didn't care whether she lived or die.

Now let's talk about the make-up of Freddy Krueger. Freddy's make-up in the original was great. It was frightening and iconic. This time, he looks more like the half snake monster from "Sssssss" than Krueger himself. They tried to give him a more realistic burn make-up, but I don't care if it's more realistic. I want something that is scary. It didn't work at all.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" isn't a horrible movie, but it's not a good one either. There just wasn't anything to it. There wasn't anything new or different that really made it worthy of it's remake. And like all the other horror remakes of late, we are most likely going to have endless sequels of this new Freddy, which I don't care about at all.


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