Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cars (2006)

"Cars" is the only Pixar film I had not seen.  Since the new Cars Land is coming to Disney's California Adventure, I thought it was about time I watched the film.

A lot of people put "Cars" on their list as the worst of the Pixar films.  I disagree.  It is not the best, nor the worst.

The film is one of the best looking animated films to date.  The scenery was excellent and an amazing amount of detail was displayed.  Whether it was the crowded race car stadium, the small deserted town of Radiator Springs, or the beautiful desert surroundings, "Cars" is a marvel to look at.

The story in "Cars" has its problems.  The love story didn't really work for me.  I never made a connection between the two loving cars.  The story line that did work for me was between the main youthful race car (Lightning) and the one time race car champion Doc.  Doc was great and his character development was very well done.  

"Cars" did have its faults.  It seemed to run long and it got a little boring for some of the time.  But overall, "Cars" works.  It has a great supporting cast and some really nice scenes.

B  I recommend it. 

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