Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sorority Row (2009)

A group of girls in a sorority pull a prank on a boy.  One of the girls hooks up with him and she pretends to die.  The boy falls for it and the other sorority sisters take the prank too far.  They drive the "body" out to the middle of nowhere and they decide they have to cut the body into pieces.  This is all to prank the boy and he still believes it.  When no one is looking, the boy shoves a tire wrench through the girl's chest, killing her.  He had no idea she was still alive.  The sorority girls then decide dispose of the body by throwing it down a mine shaft.  They then have to live with their secret so they do not get in trouble.  

Months later, killings start to begin.  Everyone involved with the murder is being killed and the sisters believe that the murdered girl has come back for revenge.  

"Sorority Row" was a terrible movie.  The whole thing was dumb.  The reveal of the killer was not a good one.  I figured it out fairly early in the film and the killer really did not have a good reason for murdering people.  It was so dumb.  He was the main girl's boyfriend and he was killing everyone so she could live happily ever after with him and so she could rid her life of these bitches she has as friends.  It was not a good motif.  
I did like the main girl played by Briana Evigan though.  Not only is she one of the most beautiful actresses, but she seems to have a good amount of talent.  She was the only character that I liked because she wasn't a snobby bitch.  I also thought Margo Harshman did a good job as the "slutty" sister.  She is a terrific actress.

Another bad thing about the film was Carrie Fisher.  She plays the house mother.  For the final night of the semester, she lets the sisters throw a party.  After the party, she returns and she is upset because the house is torn to pieces.  She shows up with a shotgun for what reason?  To shoot the girls?  It didn't make sense.  When the girls tell her that there is a killer in the house, she starts to search the premises.  She starts shooting at anything that moves.  There was party there just moments ago.  It could have been anyone she was shooting at.  It was amazingly bad.

I have never seen the original "Sorority Row", but I'm sure it can't be as bad as this.  This is not a good horror movie.  It tries to be like "I Know What You Did Last Summer", "Scream", and all the rest of the '90s horror films, but it falls flat.  Really really flat.


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