Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pinocchio (1940)

The animation is amazing...  The music is beautiful...  The acting is brilliant...  These are only some of the many reasons why "Pinocchio" is the best animated film ever made.  

"Pinocchio" is the story of an old wood carver named Gepetto.  Gepetto has built a marionette for himself which he named Pinocchio.  Being childless and alone, Gepetto wishes for his "little wooden head" to come to life.  Later that night, The Blue Fairy makes his wish come true.  Pinocchio is alive, but he will only become a real boy if he proves himself worthy, kind, and unselfish.  With temptation at every corner, it is a difficult task to achieve.

Each frame of this film is beautiful.  The colors and amount of detail is something to really be appreciated.  Anyone who is interested in animation must see this.   

The characters are some of the best Disney has ever produced.  Jiminy Cricket is perhaps the best Disney character ever created and Stromboli is one of the best Disney villains ever produced.

The music from the film is nothing short of brilliant.  The score and songs are beautiful.  It won two Oscars in 1940 for Best Score and Best Song ("When You Wish Upon A Star").  

One more thing to note is the horror in the film.  Whether it is Lampwick morphing into a donkey or The Coachman with his hideous grin, "Pinocchio" has some truly terrorizing moments.

I don't want to take up any more space, but just know, I could write an entire blog on how great this film is.

A+  I recommend it.

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