Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nosferatu (1922)

I saw "Nosferatu" on Halloween at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  The film had a live organist just the way you would see it back in 1922.  I had never seen "Nosferatu" from beginning to finish and I must say it is quite the film.

There is a certain amount of creepiness to the film.  It is very scary, but subtle at the same time.  The vampire, Nosferatu, doesn't pop out and scare you.  It is all about atmosphere and mood.

I really liked how the arrival of Nosferatu to the town was a plaque.  He brought rats with him on the ship, which caused the plague.  Nosferatu, himself killed a few people as well, adding to that plague.  

Max Schreck played the vampire and he really is an icon of horror.  His look is unique and has not been topped.  

I was also surprised on the amount of comedy in the film.  It was a film way ahead of its time by combining the horror with the comedy.

Even though I prefer Bela Lugosi's look of Dracula compared to Schreck's, "Nosferatu" is the better film.  It is scary, eerie, and just about every other adjective that describes a great horror classic.

A  I recommend it.


  1. I echo your sentiments Robert. And, I envy you for being able to see it in a more of an "original" setting. But yup, that Max Schreck has got one creepy mojo going on. I like (if I'm remembering correctly) it when he effortlessly unloads the coffin intimating how physically strong a vampire must be.

  2. I like that part too. It is kind of funny too seeing Nosferatu carrying his coffin around. Imagine looking out your window one night and you see a bald headed guy carrying a coffin around! Not only would it be funny, but scary too. It is very strange and surreal: the entire movie.

  3. One of my all time favorites. I love the scene where Nosferatu first invades the guy's quarters at the castle. He just stands there, the guy pulls the covers over his head, peers over...

    And no shit still there!