Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

A romantic comedy that never came out to theaters.  I wonder why...

Michelle Pfeiffer plays a television writer/producer in her early 40s.  She is single and is having trouble finding a man.  A new character has been written for her show and Paul Rudd walks in to audition for the part.  She instantly falls for him.  They start a relationship, but they have several difficulties along the way.  Pfeiffer is having a huge problem with their age difference since he is in his 20s.  This causes them to temporarily break up.  Besides that, their relationship is being sabotaged by Pfeiffer's assistant who wants to be with Rudd herself.  She uses photoshop to make it seem like Rudd is cheating.  Can a loving relationship survive all of these hijinks?  

This is a very dumb romantic comedy.  It was kind of like having a really bad dream.  It didn't really make sense to me.  Paul Rudd acts like an idiot through the entire movie and this is what makes Pfeiffer fall in love with him.  They do not have one "real" conversation.  It was irritating to see this.  They don't give you a chance to feel for the characters because there is no emotion.  I was thinking to myself that something is wrong with Rudd's character.  There has to be a twist at the end.  I thought the twist would be that he is really retarded and she fell in love with a mentally handicapped person.  That twist never came...  

Throughout the movie, Pfeiffer's daughter is learning what it is to be a woman.  She just had her first period and she is in love with a boy.  Pfeiffer is teaching her how to get him.  It was a little strange because it kind of seemed like Pfeiffer was teaching her how to become a whore.  She is 12 years old and she wears makeup that looks like something a hooker would wear.  

Jon Lovitz is in this movie.  He is ok.

"I Could Never Be Your Woman" is a ridiculous movie with a terrible script.  I have no idea why big stars like Pfeiffer and Rudd would do this.  The story could have actually worked if Rudd's character was rewritten from the ground up.


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